Established worldwide for 40 years, The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has had huge success in the private sector, providing training in confidence and communication skills.

Renowned as a drama school for self-development in children and adults, the Academy has over 90,000 students attending classes each week. Each class coaches and supports the students to build confidence, creativity and positive verbal communication skills.

The Academy is rapidly expanding in the world of business and continues to provide verbal communication, confidence & self-development training to adults in the workplace in a fun, fresh and unique way. The objective is to develop people for the future by helping companies build enthusiastic, efficient and effective workforces through a variety of drama techniques.


“At South City Hospital, we have been working closely with the Drama Academy on the corporate programme which is a benefit to both professional and personal lives. The CEO is thrilled with the results and is keen to continue the programme, until all her 500 members of staff have had a chance to work with the Helen O’Grady team.”

Client / South City Hospital

“I’m so glad I approached the Helen O Grady team for help with developing my vocal projection and public speaking. The team made me feel so at ease in my first consultation and were really keen to make sure they fully understood what I needed and why.”

“The sessions were really fun and so enlightening. I left the sessions feeling I had learnt so much about how to deliver a more polished performance in my role.”

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