The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy was founded in 1979 when Helen O’Grady, a trained drama teacher, actress and TV presenter commenced after school drama classes for children.

Her aim for the Academy was to provide a self-development programme, specialising in building confidence, self-esteem and verbal communication skills resulting, through drama, in a more positive approach to life. Established worldwide for 40 years, The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has had a huge success in the private sector. Providing training in confidence and communication skills.

Renowned as a drama school for self-development in children and adults, the academy has over 100,000 students attending classes each week. Each class coaches and supports the students to build confidence, creativity and positive verbal communication skills.

The Academy is rapidly expanding in the world of business and continues to provide verbal communication, confidence & self- development training to adults in the workplace in a fun, fresh and unique way. The objective is to develop people for the future by helping companies build enthusiastic, efficient and effective workforces through a variety of drama techniques.

A team of professionals, who are experts in building confidence thereby increasing self-esteem and improving self-presentation, fronts the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. All trainers are experienced in the coaching of vocal skills – passing on knowledge of public speaking and improving presentation techniques.


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The Helen O Grady Training & Development offices are located at:

16 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 5DP

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