The helen o’grady approach

Our fresh and unique approach is one of self-development; a journey which both the individual and the workforce are taken on. This is achieved using a detailed and creative programme, with a focus on tailor-made training. Our bespoke courses are designed to build the confidence of both the individual and the team, so improving interpersonal communication skills.

The Helen O’Grady approach:

  • We help forward thinking businesses assist with the personal development of their workforce.
  • We help with the motivation of people at work so they are inclined to perform to their highest standards.
  • We use tried and tested drama techniques in an innovative way, creating a practical, engaging and inspiring approach to motivation and development of the workforce and individuals.

We strive for development through drama therefore developing your workforce creatively.

Our aspirations

Here at Helen O’Grady Training & Development we aspire to:

  • Develop imagination and creativity to enable open mindedness, enthusiasm, critical and creative thinking.
  • Improve verbal communication skills, to encourage positive dialogue amongst colleagues and collaboration with others in times of conflict. This facilitates the improvement of effective public speaking and presentation skills, as well as increasing general communication within the workforce.
  • Build self-confidence when presenting by encouraging the understanding of body language and non-verbal body communication.
  • Expand emotional intelligence, which can help with self-reflection and empathetic skills.

We also offer training and support. Training picked by you and on-going support from our team of experts.

We aspire to develop people for the future.

With our team of experts we can offer your business a detailed, creative and personable programme and aim to create a more enthusiastic, effective and efficient workforce as well as aiming to improve confidence, communication and creativity in individuals.

We offer a fresh, unique and fun programme whilst providing a high quality and professional level of training.

Our training programme offers a wide selection of modules under our three key areas of training focuses, Confidence and communication skills, public speaking and presentation skills, leadership and team building. All our modules under these focuses can be tailor-made into a course to meet your companies needs.

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“At South City Hospital, we have been working closely with the Drama Academy on the corporate programme which is a benefit to both professional and personal lives. The CEO is thrilled with the results and is keen to continue the programme, until all her 500 members of staff have had a chance to work with the Helen O’Grady team.”

Client – South City Hospital

“The team and I really enjoyed actively participating in the development through drama class. Every activity was modelled well and encouraged others to jump in and immerse themselves in the productive playfulness which characterises this class.

We believe all lessons should be imbued with this joyful playfulness and are keen to engage our staff in drama training so they develop the confidence and flexibility to shape their own lessons so they are delivered with dramatic methodologies.”

Client – Secondary school Head Teacher

“I’m so glad I approached the Helen O Grady team for help with developing my vocal projection and public speaking. The team made me feel so at ease in my first consultation and were really keen to make sure they fully understood what I needed and why. They put together a tailored programme for me helping me to develop not only my vocal skills but body language and confidence. The sessions were really fun and so enlightening. I left the sessions feeling I had learnt so much about how to deliver a more polished performance in my role. I was able to apply the techniques straight away and have actively sought opportunities to speak to large audiences. The sessions have also given me much more confidence in the workplace generally, and in dealing with everyday situations which I would previously have found very uncomfortable. The cost of the sessions was more than reasonable. Deciding to ask for help from the Helen O Grady team was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Client – Private tuition

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